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Heatbank heating system's

Heatbanks save money and the environment!

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Heatbanks are a fantastic way to get the absolute most out of your heating systems so it costs you a lot less money. Heatbank heating systems harness and take control of renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wood burners as well as more common gas boilers and intergrates them all together in an optimised system that reduces the amount of energy lost and maximises the energy gained!


Unlike conventional heating systems the Heatbank heats and draws water from the very top of the system, this ensures that only small amounts are heated at any one time. On top of this the Heatbank can actually heat that small amount of water a lot quicker, this results in the Heatbank expending less energy to heat less water. This also results in better performance, with a conventional heating system you will be able to draw about 90 litres of water before the performance drops off in comparison the Heatbank system can draw about 200 litres of water before performance starts to drop!


Another Key difference between the Heatbank system and a conventional system is that the Heatbank system can take cold water and deliver hot water in a matter of moments. In comparison a regular system can take up to half an hour to heat water to optimum temperature from cold!


The Heatbank as previously stated can also harness the power of multiple different heat sources, and to use this heat economically. To this end the Heatbank can be adapted and altered to receive energy from any number of places at the same time! The types of sources that can be connected to the system are:


• Gas, oil or wood pellet boilers

• Solar panels

• Wood burners

• Heat map

• Immersion heaters

• Radiators

• Underfloor heating  

• Multiple hot water outlets


Another key difference between the Heatbank heating system and a conventional coil system is the length of time that it will last before any maintenance or replacement parts are needed. The Heatbank heating system greatly reduces the build-up of scale on the coil, regular coils sit in the water and in hard water areas you may even find that the coils need to be replaces within one year of it being installed. With the Heatbank coil scale does build up but as it sits externally and not in the water itself then it is a much more gradual process.


To find out a more detailed list of Heatbank statistics and features please visit the Manufacturer’s website here! 




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