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A simple solution to a common problem

You may not know it but without regular power flushing, your radiators could be the reason that your bills are always so high. You may think that this is a bit extreme, however a radiator that isn't working properly does more harm than good.


The main issue that radiators face is blockages. This can come from limescale build up and other debris that is trapped in your radiator system.


These blockages may not sound overly troubling however they actually cause your radiators and boiler to use extra energy as they try and heat up fully - wasting your money in the process.


What we do is force the blockages out using high pressured water thereby clearing your radiators and allowing them to run efficiently without having to waste any energy.


You can help yourself out by regularly checking your radiators for cold spots to see if there may be any blockages. If you do find some, please call us as soon as possible and we'll get your radiator working again before you lose any undue money on bills.

Keep your radiators in peak condition

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